Short and sweet while waiting for the safari trip to start.

Interesting landing at Entebbe – we got to do an extra landing cuicuit to better appreciate the views of Lake Victoria courtesy of a plane in the way on the runway.

Got a shared ride direct to Red Chilli – backpacker place that runs the Murchison trip I’m going on . There’s a resident pig and a couple of goats – all four legged ones.

Traffic in Kampala is chaotic and would be dangerous if it wasn’t forced to go so slow because of the amount of traffic.Apparently in peak hours it’s even worse. The boda boda motor bikes that take fare paying passengers have italian driving genes – they go anywhere they can fit, regardless of lanes, including upstream against traffic.

A trip to the ATM to get ugandan shillings – I withdrew 700,000 shillings to pafy for the trip and some spending money – about $350.  There’s an armed guard at the ATM – lovely guy, very friendly, tiny and skinny enough that would have need to hang onto to something if I sneezed. He was armed with a single shot rifle. I asked him what was for, and he said it was to take some weight and started using it as a walking stick.

Uganda is definetely different.


  1. Peter Wilkinson says:

    700000! Living large!

    I’ve often wondered whether the crazy no rules traffic that some countries have actually lets people get where they’re going faster or slower.

    Have a ball Mum, but maybe best to avoid the gun toting natives. =)

  2. Paul Heff says:

    Tell me, do you feel like a stranger in a strange land? Does everyone stare at you?

  3. Marg says:

    Yes it feels quite unreal. No people don’t really stare, but they are obviously curious. They are also very friendly and helpful. Uganda and Rwanda have a reputation for being very safe and the comments of other travellers is generally that they prefer these countries to other African ones

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