Ten terrific online color selection tools

Choosing a color scheme for a project can be challenging. Here are 10 top online color tools that simplify the process of finding the right color combination. These tools all suggest color combinations based on your choice of color, and then let you further modify the colors to suit the mood of your task. Though most are intended as web page design tools, the principles of of colour selection apply equally well to any to any visual project.

Gradient Generator makes horizontal or vertical gradient images to use for backgrounds.

ColeMatch Remix suggests five colors that tone with your main color – use  sliders to tweak the color

ColourLovers fascinating collection of tools for generating patterns and wallpapers. Their COPASO tool for generating a color palette has basic and advanced versions, as well as generating colors from an image. The suggested similar colors for the basic tool is excellent. The advanced tool really makes the most of moncolor,composite, triad,and split color schemes.

ColorSuckr – generates color palettes from Flikr photos – excellent!

Color hunter – collection of paletttes made from images, or upload your own image

Colr.org – lets you create color schemes from a random flickr image or load your own image from a file or a website. Generates a color pallette and will also find similar color schemes.

Colorspire – play with blocks of color for header,footer, sidebar and main content. Saturate, lighten and darken options are nicely done.

Color Picker – this one lets you tweak a color with various sliders (uses Raphael and svg graphics). Possibly the best single color selection tool on the web.

Color Blender – generates four colors and two grey shades based on sliders for RGB or HSV. Suggests six colors close to main color as alternatives to base palette on.

Color Scheme Designer – based on mono, complement, triad etc color combinations. Nice preview option shows a page preview based on light or dark background. Also has a vision simulator for color blindness (the color blindness option is not simulated in the preview mode).

Color Jack – an interesting suite of palette generating tools, including color vision mimicing with the color Sphere Tool which generates palettes based on choice of color groupings (complementary, triad etc.) , which can then be adjusted as a group with various sliders. The Color Studio allows individual control over each color, although sometimes it is a little buggy.

Color blender –  generates up to 10 colors blended between two colors selected from a 256 color palette (Eric Meyer)

Color Mixer Tool – generates up to 10 colors between two selected colors, and similar to the color blender above, but adds use RGB slider to select initial colors.

ColorCombos – lets you play with large slabs of color on their combotester, play with random color schems, or select or search from a vast library of premade palettes.

Kuler an adobe based color palette collection site, also has an excellent color palette creation tool

Color picker a gradient style color picker component – the display is not live, but code can be downloaded if you want to add a javascript based color picker to your web page.

Iamcal ColorVision – tool for duplicating colorblindness, show effect of colored text on colred background for various types of color blindness.

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