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Yes! yes!! yes!!! (I’ll have what she’s having)

Maybe, just maybe, Ken Robinson’s education revolution is starting to happen.  Maybe the revolution is starting with classroom teaching time into homework time, and homework time into lesson viewing time. Sometimes it’s called flip-teaching, sometimes inverse-teaching, but whatever it’s called, the general idea is that teacher time is best spent interacting with students, and anything that makes more teacher time available for that interaction is going to improve the student learning experience.

Homework time and lesson time are flipped. By making a video of the lesson and making it available for students to watch as homework, everyone wins. With totally flexible viewing time, students are no longer penalized if classes are missed for whatever reason.   What would normally be “homework” – applying the knowledge gained from the lesson – is done during class time, when there are opportunities to clarify any areas of confusion.  Lesson time becomes quality teaching time as the teacher moves around the class, observing how students apply the knowledge and intervening or assisting as required. Read more