Find that freeware application

There’s heaps of freeware out there. Often it is open-source and still being actively developed and improved, supported with active user forums. All you need to do is find it.

Gizmo’s Freeware Reviews groups software into useful categories. It then has reviews on particular categories comparing the main programs in each category, attempts to recommend the best program in that category with information about why a particular program was considered to be the best. Although these are only opinion and you may not always agree with them, they let you quickly cut to the chase. You can search for a particular topicĀ  – anything from pdf to video editing – and quickly find suggestions. An excellent site.

alternativeTo is a community site that does what the name suggests – find similar but alternative programs to a known programOffice . Simply type in the name of a program you know does the job you want to do – eg Word , and it searches and finds alternative programs, ranked by user ratings. The search includes commercial and freeware programs. It even lists alternatives to itself. It can be a little confusing at first as the default links are always to alternative programs – it you want more information on a particular suggested program, then click on the “Information” menu item in the menu bar immediately above the list of suggested alternatives. It doesn’t

Open Source Software Directory aims to list the best and most promising open source software available on the internet. A nicely organised site.

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