Education bookmarks

A list of sites that I like (in progress)

General Information Sites

Educause a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to advance higher education by promoting the intelligent use of information technology.Plenty of reading in resources

Edutopia – a large multi-author site with heaps of articles, though the menu driven interface makes it difficult to fully appreciate how many topics are covered in this site – searching for “digital” generated 1050 hits.

Improving Learning in mathematics Advice on teaching mathematics by encouraging students to think, with resources

Moving Forward – a wiki sharing current ideas in education

The Daily Riff Excellent range of topic, articles are well written

Tech & Learning A collection of blogs, resources, best practices etc.

Web 2.0 tool directories

These lists are a useful way to check that you are up to date with what’s currently available on the web

Listio – lets you browse for web 2.o applications by keyboard, or see the newest additions

Sue Sommerford’s Web 2.0 for the Classroom Teacher – extensive list of web 2 sites, and resources for teachers – last updated 8 Jan 2011

Elearning and technology

The elearning Coach – focuses on elearning, but also explains why elearning methods work. Content is biased towards Articulate, a multimedia production tool, but most of the site content has wider application

Centre for learning & Performance Technologies – Jane Hart has a vast trove of information – an excellent site to stay up to date with what programs educators are finding useful in her Tools Directory and top tools list. She also has a large section on social media.

The Rapid e-learning blog – Tom Barrett has plenty of excellent advice about creating elearning packages. Another site with an Articulate backbone, but the advice is generalized to any elearning tool. Another Tom Barrett blog, focused on using collaboration in education – see the Curriculum Courses – collaborative course ideas, and Interesting Ways sections

Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies Jane Hart’s site includes an excellent updated list of the 100 most popular learning tools, created using a survey or teachers, and over 2000 learning tools arranged by category (how about 48 alternatives to Power Point)


Free technology for Teaching – a treasure trove of free goodies that can be used in the classroom

Educational Freeware huge site that’s worth browsing for software suggestions

Concord Consortium – free interactive software for science and mathematics topics

ThinkFinity Huge site with interactives and lesson plans.

Larry Ferlazzo’s Best List – huge list of links to resources on everything from Art and Classroom Practice to Science and Web 2.o

Teachers’Domain – a free digital media service for educational use from public broadcasting and its partners. You’ll find thousands of media resources, support materials, and tools for classroom lessons, individualized learning programs, and teacher professional learning communities.

Mathematics A large collection of math worksheets, grouped by topic, NTCM standard, or theme.

BorderMath – This site aims to help teachers make the most of their whiteboards by drawing together many of the free Maths teaching and learning resources on the web. Well organized by grade and type of activity

Improving Learning in mathematics Advice on teaching mathematics by encouraging students to think, with resources

Dy/Dan Dan Myers  – a math teacher who also teaches about how to teach math (check out his Ted Talks video)

Mathematics and Multimedia – a lot of tutorials on using Geogebra, and a great page of mathematics links

National library of Virtual Manipulatives – excellent collection of  interactives, sorted by topic and grade level

Math is Fun – nicely presented mathematical activities

Interactive Mathematics Miscellany andPuzzles – covers a wide range of topics, often with online interactives

Continuous Everywhere but Differentiable Nowhere Advanced maths, and interesting ideas on teaching generally.

Zook Tutoring An online maths tutor, though the blog covers a lot of stuff other than maths


Connected Principals quality articles

The Educators PLN – collaborative site

Classroom 2.0 collaborative social network for those intersted in Web 2.0 and social media in education. It has a number of active subgroups.

Larry Ferlazzo – huge site – guaranteed to have something you will find interesting – an edublog

The Innovative Educator

Free Technology for Teachers If you have an itch to use ICT in the classroom, you can scratch it here.

Graham Wegner – Open Educator

Wright’s Room – shares her passion for moving education forward

Learning with e’s – Steve Wheeler

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