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Hooked on maths

Challenge: Is it possible to find a student who would not be engaged by  Vi Hart’s brilliant  math doodling videos.?  These are about having fun while  discovering mathematical relationships.  Here’s a sample – there’s more on her site.

Doodling in Math: Sick examples

There’s plenty other mathematical stuff  on Vi Hart’s  blog.   Stuff with balloons,and how to make platonic solids out of fruit.  This is mathematics that meets Paul Lockhart’s1 description of the way mathematics needs to be taught – using playful “serendipitous exploration”  to discover that mathematics is about weaving ideas into patterns.

1. Paul Lockhart is author of  the book “A Mathematician’s Lament”   -  introduction is online

What’s policework got to do with classroom management?

There’s a zillion blogs out there on education.  Dan Meyer’s is at the top. He describes himself as someone who teaches high school math, selling a product to a market that doesn’t want it but is forced by law to buy it.

He suggestions for teaching maths are just as zany.  He looks for ways to make his subject interesting.

It’s not just math education he has sorted, but motivation and classroom management as well. This is an entertaining video comparing first year teaching with rookie police work. Both make the same mistakes.

But wait . . . . there’s more .  . . lot’s more. Here are two that he considers his best on classroom management.

Say Hello Outside
The Truest Stuff I’ve Ever Watched or Written

If you like this guy’s style  (who wouldn’t?), take a shortcut to the Author’s Choice menu tab at the top of the page for more on all things educational.

Be inspired by TED talks

If you haven’t discovered TED talks yet you’re in for a treat! Here are more than 25 inspiring video presentations with excellent educational content. Read more