Three brilliant anatomy sites.

Learning anatomy involves learning a lot of names, but now it’s possible to visualize what the names actually mean thanks to computerized images from these fantastic sites. These three sites bring anatomy to life!


This prize-winning site is a vast collection of videos, images and notes. As it is also a wiki, and contributions and modifications from students are invited.  Perhaps this site is an example of where education is headed. Check it out even if you aren’t interested in anatomy.

Visible Body

Visible BodyAlthough this site requires downloading an extra plugin (as well as flash) it’s a painless process and the results are impressive. Visible Body is a three dimensional model of a body that you can manouvre and adjust in every direction using the mouse. It is anatomically accurate, very detailed, and lets you highlight or hide each individual bone, muscle or organ.

The head section is a free demo , a subscription is required to access other parts of the body – approximately $20 per half year for educational use.


A Flash powered tool to teach which muscles are involved in facial expression. Each muscle can be separately animately, and the transparency of muscle and bone layers can be controlled with a progressive slider. Popular with artist, actors, and medical students.

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